The Pledge

For more than 150 years the name Steinway on a piano has remained the standard of excellence; the overwhelming choice of the professional artist, student, and listener. It is the name that has become the symbol of how a piano should look, play and sound.

The Steinway has not only kept pace with history, but often created it. Innovations. Perfections. Ceaseless experimentation. All of this makes the Steinway what it is today. And what it will be tomorrow.

The beauty of the Steinway sound is incomparable. You know instantly that you are listening to a Steinway. You understand why most of the world's great performing artists, past and present, have chosen the Steinway for concert performances and as their personal pianos.

The Touch

One does not simply play a Steinway.

One senses it.

Instinctively you feel in tune with the piano. The response is extremely sensitive, that it allows your feelings to come through. Nothing gets in the way.

The Inspiration

No one is paid to play or endorse the Steinway. Virtually every major concert performer draws inspiration from this sensitive musical instrument.

Steinway pianists do make up the "Who's Who"f the international concert stage. The Steinway is also the most popular choice of musical institutions and music teachers.

In fact, many Steinway innovations were inspired by great artists.

So the Steinway your child approaches for the first time is the result of over 150 years of inspiration. An inspiration that flows back and forth between the performing artist and the pianomaker.

The child who begins on a Steinway is that much further ahead, that much more in tune, that much more inspired.
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